Wednesday, February 29, 2012

bangkok to koh phangan...and beyond

 this lady served me my first [sweet as] coffee on the island
 fresh fruit everywhere

 he really wanted his picture taken

 our perfect home for the next week. for $18 cdn a night.

 first night out.
 of course i took my break n enter to the next level
 this is where we were headed

 luminous body paint anyone?

and this is the food selection at the end of it all.

goodnight *

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

oh thailand, you sweet sweet paradise you part 1

 obligatory bathroom shot in the airport in macau! so.stoked.
 grabbing taxis wtih sarah and dave. so.stoked.

 en route to our five star hotel
 makes me want to dance

 there it is!

 of course this was in the bedside drawer. peeeerfect.
 "i lead to the infinity pool"

 first margarita

 lime margarita, no salt, on the rocks. delicious.

first night out in bangkok, heading to khao san road. we had no idea what we were in for...

 they have what you need
 a veggie pad thai so big that i couldnt even finish it for the equivalent of one dollar cdn
 lady boy

 Top 10 worst backpacker chat up lines:
1. Wow, you smell good, did you shower this week?
2. I've got air conditioning tonight.
3. It's laundry day today, i'm not wearing any knickers.
4. Of all the hostels in all the world and you walk into mine.
5. I've got a big sarong and my mate's got earplugs.
6. I must be lost. I thought paradise was further south.
7. I've just necked two buckets and youre starting to look pretty good.
8. Do you have 20 baht? I told my mum i'd call her when i fell in love.
9. You are the best looking girl at this end of the beach.
10. "Ever since you girls came, I don't sleep."

 oh i do not know where this hat has been..
 still upset about it
 over it.
i want one!

more to come