Saturday, March 24, 2012

hedonism will be the death of me.


i miss her..

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the best love story ever

a month ago emily and i went to a yoga retreat in kenting, a sweet little beach town just out of kaohsiung. i spent the weekend meditating, doing yoga outside in lush gardens surrounded by mountains, learning thai massage, doing reiki, writing, eating unbelievable vegetarian food and learning about tibetan bowls, ayurveda, nutrition, and chakras.oh, and we visited some pretty impressive hot springs as well. the pressure from the water in some of the massage pools ripped my bathing suit. i didnt realise, and walked all around those hot springs wondering why the taiwanese boys were staring at me until emily came to my rescue and walked directly behind me and blocked the goods for the rest of the afternoon haha. overall, the weekend was englightening, rejuvenating, and a thousand other emotions simultaneously.


another big thing happened that weekend,
a little black mountain stray followed me around. she sat outside my room while i slept and greeted me in the morning. she came from wherever whenever i clapped and sat in my lap until i had to go. i fell in love. i adopted her. her name is lua. she is absolutely delightful and we are very happy together. it feels really good to care for someone other than yourself. to be responsible for her. i love that she is gaining weight and learning so much and i can see it. shes so grateful to have a home and shes so good. i walk with her without a leash and she came on the train and ferry to green island and we hiked all weekend. she rides on my scooter and is the most mellow n cuddly dog in the entire world. its true puppy love.

when she was wild..

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

when i grow old,
i want to be
a raconteur.

Monday, March 19, 2012

lovely weekend,

fish market and shenanigans friday eve, girls breakfast with too much laughing saturday morning, beach all afternoon, hash walk through back alleys around town and dancing at brickyard, lunch in the sun, junk market hunting for treasures, and a long ocean swim before dinner with wade and em and co. at a secret ocean side restaurant under the moonlight. vegetable rissoto never tasted so good.


up too early to make tests and study chinese before our much needed n adored cleaning lady rose comes to make our home presentable again. thank you rose.

happy monday xx

Sunday, March 18, 2012

note to self:

do not call everyone you know in canada while drinking.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yang Shui Fireworks Festival

february 6th emily, marcel, myself, and twenty of our friends took a party bus to Tainan for Yang Shui Fireworks Festival. Basically, thousands of fireworks are shot into the streets and you dance in them. If you get hit, its good luck. Taiwanese people wear regular dress and run into the fire hoping to get hit because its believed to be good luck. Our bus of foreigners wore our motorcycle helmets with towels around our necks and sweaters and gloves. I still got hit. Good luck is on my way.
ps. it was the craziest thing i have ever done. for sure.

 bring it on.
 marcellus wallace

 a makeshift arcade on the side of the road? only in taiwan.

 mikes uniform is my favorite

 oh that looks perfectly safe

jeff was on fire for a bit. no big deal.

these pictures do it no justice at all.

i left a piece of my heart on the island

thailand was, a dream.
days started with big, delicous breakfasts complete with the freshest n fruitiest smoothies. in afternoons we swam in the pool and played in the ocean, took walks along the beach, read, got a thai massage in a hut overlooking the beach, siesta, and repeat. 
i have truly never been so relaxed in my life. i had no idea what day or time it was, ever. at all. the only time i even cared to know was to know if happy hour had started yet. pineapple smoothies with vodka is delicious in the afternoon and the evening.
we rented bicycles and rode around the island in the late afternoons. we would usually stop and see ale at pinks bungalow and maybe have a bite and a drink and watch the sunset on the beach. then ride home to shower [in the ocean] or in our hut and get ready for the night. nights were spent at jungle or beach parties. dance dance dance.
what a wonderful life to live.

invest in your lifestyle
those toes belong to emily amber
i like to pretend im a mermaid in the afternoons
the last supper..

"thats the best bathing costume ive ever seen" ah thank you.

the jungle beat up my legs.
sometimes we read poems with our pre drinks

oh a boxing ring in the jungle, yes of course
going into the shiva moon party..
aaand leaving...
to pinks for the most amazing pancakes in the world.
side note: we drank one vodka drink, split a beer, and danced for 9 hours. there is such a thing as high on life.