Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the best love story ever

a month ago emily and i went to a yoga retreat in kenting, a sweet little beach town just out of kaohsiung. i spent the weekend meditating, doing yoga outside in lush gardens surrounded by mountains, learning thai massage, doing reiki, writing, eating unbelievable vegetarian food and learning about tibetan bowls, ayurveda, nutrition, and chakras.oh, and we visited some pretty impressive hot springs as well. the pressure from the water in some of the massage pools ripped my bathing suit. i didnt realise, and walked all around those hot springs wondering why the taiwanese boys were staring at me until emily came to my rescue and walked directly behind me and blocked the goods for the rest of the afternoon haha. overall, the weekend was englightening, rejuvenating, and a thousand other emotions simultaneously.


another big thing happened that weekend,
a little black mountain stray followed me around. she sat outside my room while i slept and greeted me in the morning. she came from wherever whenever i clapped and sat in my lap until i had to go. i fell in love. i adopted her. her name is lua. she is absolutely delightful and we are very happy together. it feels really good to care for someone other than yourself. to be responsible for her. i love that she is gaining weight and learning so much and i can see it. shes so grateful to have a home and shes so good. i walk with her without a leash and she came on the train and ferry to green island and we hiked all weekend. she rides on my scooter and is the most mellow n cuddly dog in the entire world. its true puppy love.

when she was wild..

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