Saturday, March 10, 2012

i left a piece of my heart on the island

thailand was, a dream.
days started with big, delicous breakfasts complete with the freshest n fruitiest smoothies. in afternoons we swam in the pool and played in the ocean, took walks along the beach, read, got a thai massage in a hut overlooking the beach, siesta, and repeat. 
i have truly never been so relaxed in my life. i had no idea what day or time it was, ever. at all. the only time i even cared to know was to know if happy hour had started yet. pineapple smoothies with vodka is delicious in the afternoon and the evening.
we rented bicycles and rode around the island in the late afternoons. we would usually stop and see ale at pinks bungalow and maybe have a bite and a drink and watch the sunset on the beach. then ride home to shower [in the ocean] or in our hut and get ready for the night. nights were spent at jungle or beach parties. dance dance dance.
what a wonderful life to live.

invest in your lifestyle
those toes belong to emily amber
i like to pretend im a mermaid in the afternoons
the last supper..

"thats the best bathing costume ive ever seen" ah thank you.

the jungle beat up my legs.
sometimes we read poems with our pre drinks

oh a boxing ring in the jungle, yes of course
going into the shiva moon party..
aaand leaving...
to pinks for the most amazing pancakes in the world.
side note: we drank one vodka drink, split a beer, and danced for 9 hours. there is such a thing as high on life.

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