Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yang Shui Fireworks Festival

february 6th emily, marcel, myself, and twenty of our friends took a party bus to Tainan for Yang Shui Fireworks Festival. Basically, thousands of fireworks are shot into the streets and you dance in them. If you get hit, its good luck. Taiwanese people wear regular dress and run into the fire hoping to get hit because its believed to be good luck. Our bus of foreigners wore our motorcycle helmets with towels around our necks and sweaters and gloves. I still got hit. Good luck is on my way.
ps. it was the craziest thing i have ever done. for sure.

 bring it on.
 marcellus wallace

 a makeshift arcade on the side of the road? only in taiwan.

 mikes uniform is my favorite

 oh that looks perfectly safe

jeff was on fire for a bit. no big deal.

these pictures do it no justice at all.

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