Sunday, July 22, 2012

5:39am on the dawn of everything

happy dawn,

just finished zipping up my backpack, took a last sip of grapefruit green tea and am heading downstairs to call a cab to the airport.

let the adventure begin =)

Friday, July 20, 2012

woke up from a bad dream but i shook it off easily so its okay

i get to take my bees on a field trip to the park today!! soo exciting. and its friday! and i have tickets to dark knight at the gold class theatre tonight. and im going on holiday on SUNDAY! ahhhmaazing.

....the stars are the only thing left that we share.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

no kindergarten this morning so i was awarded the luxury of sleeping til ten when the sun crept in enough to lure me out of bed.
ive since checked my favorite tumblr accounts and fashion blogs, downloaded a ton of music for my trip, eaten some granola and blueberries with honey and cinnamon sprinkled on top, and registered with the canadian travel advisory to give my dad peace of mind while im out exploring.

t-3 sleeps til im free for twenty one days on the open road. cannot even find the words to properly explain my whole body excitement. for days now ive been letting out random squeals of joy and/or running on the spot.

time to do some last minute planning for my bees field trip tomorrow. somehow in spare moments ive written up an endearing little bio of each of them that i want to print on pretty paper and give them each to remember our time together by.
earlier this week when i told them that it was our last week together, that upon returning from summer vacation they would be in teacher danielles class, eason just shot his hand in the air and said 'teacher no, we'll still see you all the time on breaks.' and wendy ran from her seat in the back to hug me and said 'i will hug you thirty times today.' bah how will i last at kns for the last seven weeks without them everyday? =(
should have shot them off to neverland so they didnt have to grow up and we could spend afternoons together forever more.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

i hang laundry on top of the city

id like to stay in bed today with books n tea n lovely music. but off to work i go. happy wednesday world.

green island

a million years ago in february we travelled to a small volcanic island called green island..
these are the pictures of the adventures that ensued.

 holy smokes youre cute.
 i dont know her. oh wait,.. yes i do.

 ferry rides

 Uncle Mike protecting Lua from the street dogs. Good man.
 of course he has sandals with a bottle opener on them

 love, love, love
 Emilys birthday eve we ended up at a random little fish market that ended up being all about the kareoke. and somehow we fell right down that rabbit hole. for like, hours.

 note the hip moves on the man in the background. talk about swag.

 like we had known eachother for way longer than three hours..

 the big asian book of song. if only you could have seen some of the translations.

 just exploring some caves, no big d.

 tableaus were the picture theme of the weekend.

 too late for this tableau ali and lu, too late.

 waldo runs rampant around asia

 what you cant see in this photo is how nervous i am about not landing this jump since the ground of this cave is basically all mountain goat drops. eep.
 sometimes we visit temples underground

 as if.
 the little wall of china

 all the proof i need that aliens exist.
these steps lead down to under the water and there were doors lining the sides of the canal. so creepy. yet so fascinating.