Monday, January 30, 2012

a monday morning note from tuktuk to tuktuk:

keep the island peace and serenity in your heart.
release your butterflies.
first consider: what would wolf do?
be light. laugh easy.
remember the sunsets and don't forget we don't wear shoes on the island.


Monday, January 23, 2012

im not coming home.

thailand is my newest and truest nirvana.

Friday, January 20, 2012

these need to go up before thailand.

maolin scooter road trip and all the beautiful discoveries that ensued:

 so once upon a time a typhoon came and wiped out this entire area, making a giant natural gorge between the mountains. we road tripped there on scooters and drove down a butterfly meadow to set up camp in the gorge. camping with twenty people in this huge, uninhabited area is pretty amazing. it means loud music and a giant dancefloor is what it means. and fireworks. among other magic.

 a perfect place to fly a kite

 Courtney and Danielle


 this was fun to watch..

 it was all fun and games until this guy crashed the party...eep

this is my camping in the gorge outfit.

 sunday morning firework show

 im going to drive my scooter over that bridge

 these are not in order...but this is crazy taiwanese dave. hes like a crazy taiwanese version of johnny dep. at his maddest. in a good way.
 ride home

 dave and dave
 grabbing iced tea for the ride home

 everyone loves a waterfall

 and it was completely beautiful until we found this one...and then my mind was absolutely, irrevocably blown.

 emily the mermaid

ashley the mermaid

 back on our bikes
 thats me on the far right [on the black bandit looking bike] choosing a takeoff song on my ipod

i <3 taiwan.