Friday, January 20, 2012

happy chinese new year

midnight notes
just got home from a beyond wonderful girls dinner. actually i had a big lunch so i stuck to a dark beer and enjoyed the company.

we laughed really hard, vented, and made some really good plans, including but not limited to:

-camping overnight in an aquarium with rescued sea animals. [this is actually a feasible endeavour. for serious]
-bungee jumping
-green island for emilys birthday
-hong kong shopping trip in march
-Taipei madness whenever we feel like it.

life is good. oh so good. and i got so many cute cards and drawings from my kids today wishing me 'fun thailand'
oh, it'll be fun alright. about to tie dye this bathing suit of mine so it looks like a cloud. mmhmm.

did i mention that my friends sarah and dave who are flying on the same flight are staying the first evening at the same hotel in Bangkok that the hangover was filmed at? thats where ill be. enjoying the rooftop bar and infinity pool of the hangover set in Bangkok when the sun sets saturday evening.

i love the life i have created.

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