Sunday, January 8, 2012

Addicted to a certain kind of sadness

It just occurred to me that maybe we just don’t make sense anymore.

Ive been having such a lovely, relaxing fin de semaine. The Boxing Day(s) kns never afforded me. Emily and I haven’t hung too too much these past ten days because her momma and pa were visiting. 

Friday evening we reunited over three bottles of wine and too much laughing and musing. I take that back, just the right amount of both. Last night we changed the tune and went for a big walk and ended up out for a delicious n late dinner that included one very satisfying caeser. We came home and watched a documentary and i skyped with two loves and fell into sleep too late. I woke up from wild dreams and made jasmine green tea with fresh ginger. Emily and i lay in her bed and looked up Thailand stuff and became giddy with excitement. Isn’t Thailand one of those havens of paradise and adventure that everyone wants to experience someday? I want to go there. Im going there in two weeks. Im SO excited.

Decided that im going to buy a camera on Tuesday down in computer alley. My friend Justin is going to ensure that this new camera of mine has hd video so i can start making short films. Or maybe ill make one and hate it, who knows. But id vote not.

Today i enjoyed a late brunch at ktown, our favourite spot. I read and ate an order and a half of potatoes and the most scrumptious veggie burrito with coffee and orange juice and reread a book  that ive already read before and its doing the same thing to me all over again. I like it. 

On the way to the markets we pulled over to buy too many cherry tomatoes for too little money from the absolute sweetest old man. I’ve thought about him all day since. Arrived home from the market excursion with tons of fresh vegetables and fruit, and the freshest most delicious orange juice anywhere, ever.  We came home and hung laundry on the balcony with not enough hangers or clothes pins. Went for a great, great run around our wicked neighbourhood and through the art park to an amphitheatre and ran up and down stairs to very loud music. Did some pilates and yoga on our mats. Made a delicious and fresh veggie stir fry and tea and watched parts of Batman Begins while writing notes to send in the mail. We enjoyed the last of the herb and giggled at snipits of funny video and skype commentary from Stephanie. 

Then we found this:

i forgot to breathe. I love.
I told Emily i needed to go to my room and figure this out. She took a bath. Here i am...

Cant figure any further tonight. Ill just keep listening.

Goodnight moon

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