Sunday, March 4, 2012

hammocks n mushrooms n fireworks, oh my

hi mom and dad

writing love notes in the sand

the most wonderful hammock making man on the island. so happy to meet him and buy one of his lovely hammocks.
 the 'rolls royce' of hammocks
daytime beach party

SO. our goal for this particular afternoon, after buying hammocks, was to find infamous mushroom shakes. we met some people at the beach party who were down for the hunt and the bartender ended up drawing us a map of sorts. i hopped on a scooter with my new friend wolf [pictures below] and we went looking for pinks bungalow.

this is Wolf. I adore him. hes an engineer from europe and he works eight months of the year and then travels for the rest. hes got it all figured it out and he is aboslutely wonderful to be around. <3
laff, wolf, and ale at pinks bungalow
let the games begin
i forgot about my camera until sunset

lighter on a leash, genius.

during this sunset there were fireworks across one side of the sea and an intense heat storm lighting up the other side of the sky. epic.

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