Tuesday, September 27, 2011

when i woke up this morning, i stretched my arms out reaaaal wide and said "im gonna live allllll day today"

I woke up early this morning to skype with Mom n Dad n Bozie and realised i've been in Kaouhsiung for all of eleven days now. In that time Emily and I have managed to find a lovely apartment (not easy when the negotiating and viewings are all done in chinese), get pretty badass scooters which we have learned to ride around this busy metropolis very quickly, finish training for our teaching jobs at the most prestigous language school in town, maneouver around an island of 23 million people, celebrate my 26th birthday and get (ancient, brutal) cell phones mostly all on our own. It`s good to know our charm resonates through intense language barriers haha

I believe now even more than before that I can do anything. =)

This is the view from Leon's where we stayed for the first couple of days. So pretty and green.

This is what we could see out our window at Leons. Makes waking up nice =)

I think this picture speaks for itself.

Em and my first day out on the town, negotiating breakfast and looking at the sights from our table.

and this is what we saw..
believe your eyes.

This is my friend Emily. She's pretty.

And then we discovered a park...a big one. There is something undeniably peaceful about a big green park (with turtles) in the middle of a city..

Speaking of soft green grass, I'm going to pack a bag and head over to the park now. I've got lots of planning for class and Em and I want to try out our new yoga mats.


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  1. and of course I was right. You fit in with the beauty that surrounds you in your new home <3