Thursday, May 24, 2012

wonderful wednesday

woke up early to a series of love notes on my dinosaur, celine, and dustin really know how to make a girl smile in the morning. <3
made some oatmeal and slowly made my way to the gym. watched a fascinating show on national geographic about man eating snakes while working it out on the bike. had a dip in the hot and cold pools, a steam, a shower and headed home. my guanlee greeted me at the front of my building and handed me two giant taiwanese oranges for no reason at all. such a treat.
work was good inside the classroom and just bearable outside. theres a new guy thats taking over sarahs position next week. he seems cool.
after work we headed straight downtown to gambei fish market for ellas going away thing. shes lovely. shes leaving friday to move to ottawa! i gave her a list of hot spots to ensure she has the best ottawa summer experience possible.
just got home and am watching sex and the city before dreams.

16 days til dustin.
mmm mmmm good.

nightie night all

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