Saturday, September 22, 2012

happy friday

came down from my last class to find a slice of tiramisu cake on my desk, a gift from lovely sarah for my birthday. so thoughtful. i felt special.

actually found myself a little teary eyed at the close of my last class after telling them i was leaving. they were sad. and that made me [partially thrilled, but also] sad too. we took pictures and hugged and i ate cake and it was a good friday night.

em and i sauntered home and sarah brought us a beer and i changed into a blue dress and we doubled on our scooters downtown to our favorite fish market. we met with a bunch of friends and ate and drank and frolicked. it was fun, i enjoyed it.

around 1230 we peaked so rode home and now are in bed with the leftover cake, wine, incense, baked beans in tomato sauce [i had a craving] and a highly anticipated episode of dawsons creek. nostalgia is golden.

off to jalashuay, or paradise, tomorrow morning for a weekend of swimming, champagne, dinner in secret gardens, bon fires and fireworks.

ah twenty seven,
i think you and i are going to get along just fine.

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