Tuesday, September 18, 2012

i always liked september

 i may be missing out on crunchy leaves but an extended summer has its benefits.

my one year anniversary of island life passed. we acknowledged the day quietly and contemplatively and celebrated the evening with slow walks, a big dinner, and funny n eye opening reminiscing. the latest eve and next day was brought in over a bottle of rum [we paper, scissor, stoned to decide between gin, rum, or vodka. paper lost.] and animated banter under the light bulb of my balcony.

we may have figured out our whole lives. or maybe not. its all a matter of perspective i suppose.

yoga in the park on thursday evenings has become a regular thing and fuels so many good feelings and such nice strolls through the park afterwards and deep sleeps much later.

9 days left in my contract.

this past weekend a bunch of us rented a giant, black van and embarked on a road trip up north of the island to Sunmoon Lake. Its the biggest body of freshwater in Taiwan and also, it turns out, a charming little town on the water. we camped illegally under a bridge. yes, like trolls. after setting up our tents we trudged back up the hill and climbed back into the van to head into town to explore. as we turned out onto the road we bore witness to a woman falling off her bicycle without a helmet and slamming into the pavement. this is a curvy road in the mountains and where she fell was just after a turn which people drive too quickly around more often than not. without thinking we parked the van to block her and direct traffic to the other lane keeping her at least safe from other cars. without going into many details, it was a scary scene. her face was swelling quickly and already looked deformed. a lot of blood was coming from the back of her head and she was gargling on blood. emily almost passed out. i threw up. and the rest of us directed traffic and tried to keep her calm until the ambulance came. it was terrible. the kind of thing thats hard to shake off. i could never be a nurse but im so impressed and grateful that my little sister is. kudos to her bravery.
the ambulance came and we let them take over. needless to say, it was a quiet drive the rest of the way into town. i hope she's okay, but ill never know for sure. i think she is though.

that evening we feasted on fresh seafood and other taiwanese delicacies then wandered up to an outdoor patio overlooking the lake and marina and sipped peach margaritas while colorful fireworks illustrated the sky. it was fun and the conversation was really good. i met some new people and made some new friends and it was invigorating to hang out with new, cool people.oh, and i even met a couple from ottawa. the world gets smaller the longer i stay away.

we headed back under the bridge and watched american boys try to start a fire. no dice. i sipped two beers, made some jokes, listened to some funny stories and headed to sleep early. i awoke in the middle of the night having to pee and stepped outside of the tent and looked up. all of the stars in the land were shining their brightest. i swear. it was magical. i actually gasped and tripped and then giggled. so happy i woke up. :)

we were up eaaaaaaaaaaarly to register for the swim. every year there is a swimming carnival at sunmoon and thousands, i mean like 28 000 people swim across this lake in the mountains. and we did it. wearing the swim caps they forced upon us and clutching out baywatch worthy floaties we swam three kilometers and two hundred meters across the lake. it was unreal. i felt like superwoman climbing out on the other side. i got a fancy little certificate and everything. and also, the freshest and most tender sunburn EVER. so terrible. i curse the high cut of my american apparel bathing suit for exposing so much of my bootie. it hurts to sit. to lie. to teach when my little bees climb on me.

tonight, we started our first pilates class. fantastic. minus the sunburn rubbing all over the mat, it felt great.

super pumped on my entire life, it feels nice.

now off to sleep covered in aloe, 

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