Thursday, November 10, 2011

today in a nut shell:

woke up from a good dream mid night to the craziest storm EVER outside. couldnt even see outside my window. fell back asleep.

woke up to the rain. managed to get out of bed and scooter in my extremely fashionable poncho to yoga. couldnt hear the instructor because the storm was so loud. doesnt matter. she speaks chinese anyway.

went to school. it rained ALL day. it is still raining. its sort of insane..

maybe a typhoon is coming?

was thinking..rainy days should be universal days off. everyone should be allowed, encouraged to stay home and read books and drink tea. or wine. whatever youre feeling. 

embrace the raaaain

ps. teaching one of my classes about 'adjectives' today so i got them to come up with words to describe me...:
  • nice
  • beautiful
  • fat.
true story.

Betty and a bird

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  1. This blog post made my morning - it made me laugh outloud as I was sitting in my grade 5 classroom - and made me miss your beautiful smile!