Friday, November 25, 2011

woke up from a series of annoying and unsatisfying dreams so grabbed my ipod and went for a run before i had a chance to think of something else to do. it ended up being just what i needed..

saw a giant white ceramic horse, or dog? statue in the middle of a park which startled me [it looked just like that one that joey bought in friends in the 90s]
a few interesting advertisements for a utopia art exhibit,
paper architecture,
two old men who stopped their rockers, put the brakes on them, and gave me huuuuge smiles,
a dog sleeping under a temple, and a beautiful bride and groom taking photos..

came home smiling. did some mat exercises, drank some water, and meditated briefly until emily woke up. now the shower is free so im heading there.

determined to make a good day today.

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