Tuesday, April 10, 2012

i never thought i would say this but im addicted to the hunger games series. went to sleep way too late last night because i read roughly 250 pages of the second book. i cant help myself.

needless to say my dreams were on the wild side and i woke up ravenous. showered and dressed quickly and met justin boy downtown for a belated breakfast brunch at lees n daughters. its a lovely gourmet brunch spot downtown that looks like it was plucked out of wakefield or chelsea and set into downtown kaohsiung. i really really like it there. we enjoyed tea and smoked salmon benedicts sans hollandaise with some sort of magically delicious mushrooms and a potato salad..random but oh so good. the olive oil there is made for kings and queens. and all for the small price of 190 NT or 6 dollars canadian.

i scooted home and hammered out the last of my report cards, put on more sunscreen and strolled to the art park cafe to sip on a mango frappe and read in the sun. so lovely.

after about an hour it was time to go home and grab my work things, modify my outfit slightly to a teaching appropriate ensemble and scoot to starbucks to meet kelly. we parked and walked to the fruit market and got the rest of the fresh squeezed orange juice!! it was good karma i swear. its going out of season and we couldnt find it anywhere for about a week. we bought every last bottle and i plan on freezingit so my wonderful family can have a taste. strolled the rest of the way to work, taught two classes, handed in my report cards, and headed straight to the night market from work. kel and i met up wtih a handful of friends and enjoyed mongolian bbq and a chocolate ice cream for dessert. it was oh so good. im obsessed. it cost 3$ for all of it and i have leftovers for lunch. we stopped at a clothing store on the way home and i think ill buy myself a dress i saw tomorrow. then we walked the rest of the way home and now im laying in bed writing before reading and sleep.

seven days until the fishers land in asia. i can hardly believe ill be hugging them so soon. their company is SO heavily anticipated i can barely contain myself.

such a lovely life we lead


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