Sunday, April 29, 2012

this weekend i,

bought a small gift for a friend to send in the mail,
prepared letters and cards and decorated and sealed the envelopes,
went to a yoga class,
had a steam,
enjoyed a passionfruit orange grean tea, 
drank wine,
skyped with steph <3,
watch an english movie and a french film,
studied chinese,
skyped in between everything with my adorable little sister, 
washed my sheets and hung them to dry on the roof,
ate avacado,
skyped with christine <3
hung out on the roof,

took pictures,
made a short film,
did yoga in the sunshine on the roof,
did a workout video,
skyped for a glorious twelve minutes with d
went for a thai/oil massage and reiki session at maynas,
loved on mayna for the amazing being that she is,
wrote report cards,
downloaded chili peppers,
will begin watching factory girl soon.

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