Monday, April 2, 2012

weekend stories

scootered to kending this weekend with ali and kelly. it was the first time i was the early bird ready to go and the two girls were experiencing a million scooter obstacles pushing our take off time back by hours.

megwanchee [i speak chinese now.]

we finally hit the road about 1ish and i was smiling and bopping to my wicked playlist when we stopped for a gas about an hour in. we met the sweetest little girl there who was eager to speak english to us. she asked me what my favorite subject in my school was [hers was english] and while i was thinking she asked 'dancing?'
i said, 'well, i do love dancing. how did you know?'
little girl: 'because you are very beautiful'


soon after this endearing interaction we got caught in what can only be described as a hurricane. our scooters were weaving and being pushed around like toys. it rained a bit so i had put on my poncho and it got ripped to shreds from the wind. we pulled over to regroup and consider our options. turns out we didnt have a lot of options since we were on a long stretch of highway with a mountain on one side and the ocean on the other. we knew the wind would be less fierce once we reached town so we just carried on going super slowly and cautiously. the second we saw a seven eleven we stopped for food and lattes and to people watch and laugh at the layer of dirt covering our faces. literally.

finalllllllllllly got to kending but weary of the wind tunnel our tent would be subjected to we opted for a small hotel instead. i took the hottest n longest shower of my life and the three of us jumped into bed to read and watch funny things on tv and chill out. then we went to a thai restaurant and stole the really beautiful cups our water was served in. grabbed a bottle of wine and went back to the room to talk out faces off and share all our secrets. of course, some obligatory drunk dials to canada were made. youre welcome dustin and stephanie ;)

through the course of the eve some pretty serendipitous connections were made between ali and myself and i was left wondering what the universe was trying to prove. in any case, it was a lovely evening and im so grateful for the friendship that is blossoming between the three of us.

in the morning we sipped lattes and snacked on peanut butter and banana bagels before hitting baisha beach. apparently life of pie was filmed there. i did not know. the waves were so big and coming up so far that it was actually kind of scary. the highlight was a group of boys from france who were frolicking so happily, i swear they've never seen a beach before. it was endearing and then just plain hilaroius.

now its ten thirty and im late for chinese so i have to run,
short week this week, wednesday is a holiday! so good so good

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