Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Saigon, Vietnam

photos n journals of 21 days in vietnam and cambodia:
part 1.

07/22/12 evening 1. Saigon, Vietnam
sitting at the end of our first dinner. tom is the sweetest waiter and we've all developed definite crushes throughout these five courses. vietnamese men have smiles to die for. in the end, 8 drinks and 5 dishes cost us $19 cdn or 400 000 dong. unreal. this place makes taiwan look expensive.

after just the right amount of food and drink we found spas and kelly and i got facials and waxes for 10 cdn. and the wax smelt like popcorn. perfect.

we met back up wtih em and al at a previously agreed upon bar with a patio that looked intriguing. it ended up being fantastic. they played great music. 80s and 90s songs that make you instantly happy and you cant help but dance in your seat. or i cant help it at least.

oh, and boys. everywhere.
we're falling in love all over this city.

home by midnight but not before stopping for a veggie n cheese baguette for a dollar. excellent.

07/23/12 day 2 Saigon, Vietnam
spent the day exploring the mekong delta. such a dream.

took a boat to Unicorn Island..i knew such a place existed beyond my dream life.
Our dreamy tour guide Luke told us all that
snake wine is good for...downstairs.
banana wine for aches and paints.
rice wine, for fun.

we tasted all three.

ali, kelly, emily, luke and i floated down the mekong river in a tiny long boat wearing triangle hats. we had to keep our hands inside the boat to save our limbs from crocodiles which run rampant in the waters there. i talk with my hands so this was very difficult for me. despite crocodiles the whole thing felt more like a dream than many of my own nighttime head films as of late.

later, we visited a beehive and drank honey tea, tasted royal jelly, and ate ginger and banana chips.

we visited an outdoor coconut candy making factory and ended with a delicious traditional vietnamese lunch with 888 [pronounced bah bah bah] beer.

travelled home by boat and watched the sunset over the water while children waved to us from their boat homes and finally we fell asleep in the heat and woke up at the dock to a handful of sailors. perfect.



 my travel sisters <3
from left to right, emily, ali, and kelly

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