Friday, August 31, 2012

what a day.

woke up early to skype with christine but she was tardy as f*ck so i did my other business from bed while i patiently awaited her arrival; dealing with the possible bankrupcy of our landlord, arranging reiki for wade, and applying for a dreamy job with an international school for a kindergarten position.

ive had my eye on this school all year. first of all, it looks like a castle and its in the mountains, so thats just lovely. secondly, its got a montessori philosophy of teaching and learning and looks like a place that i would blend in perfectly with. i worked hard on my resume and wrote a charming and professional cover letter and sent it off.

skyped with christine. always funny and rejuvenating for me. perfect for before work.

after work tonight i headed straight to the park with em to do two hours of yoga by the water with mayna. so, so great. the moon was really big and bright and the water lended itself as a delightful soundtrack.

just came home and poured a class of wine and decided to check my email between reading in bed. and...

i have an interview at the castle!

i am a happy girl.

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