Monday, August 27, 2012

typhoon long weekend

this weekend i:

celebrated no work on friday by drinking a box of red wine with friends on thursday. and eating impossibly delicious pizza.

friday i slept late and slowly made breakfast. again, it was impossibly delicious.

i cleaned my room and finished unpacking and its so beautiful and so me and all mine and i love it in here. i went to the laundromat and did laundry and wrote report cards and read Vonnegut's slaughterhouse five.

i made curry with kelly and emily and we watched Take This Waltz with michelle williams and seth rogan and it made me feel happy n sad n a million different things at once. we all had a glass of whiskey and talked about the film. emily and i went on a walk. emily and i went to beer bellys and sipped a gin and tonic while an annoying guy continued to talk to us until i told him we were girlfriends and he finally left. we made grilled cheese sandwiches before bed.

saturday i woke up and made vietnamese coffee with sweet condensed milk. oh so good. em and i made an asparagus, swiss cheese, mushroom, tomato, onion omelet. i read. i went for a hair massage and cut. we went for dinner at maynas. it was so so delicious and healthy and delicious. we all talked and had a glass of wine and her friend mona came over and she was lovely and it was a great evening. oh and mayna gave me a pretty green dress and two books.

then we downloaded magic mike and drank vodka sodas while we watched. all smiles. then ali, emily, and i changed and looked so pretty and went out to dreams nightclub. we'd never been there but heard a lot about it. no cover for girls and an open bar. kind of ridiculous. such a good hip hop show and hours of dancing and lots of fun. many hours later we made it home but didnt get to sleep til even later.

slept in way too late today and went to bagel bagel with em and kelly. they have a wicked smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese and capers. em and i went to the market and bought our fruits and veggies for the week from our favorite stand. they gave us free chili peppers. i prefer the ginger but em likes the spice. came home and made a big pasta dish for dinner. pablo came over for a bit. hes wonderful. we watched dangerous minds and i ate an ice cream bar. skyped with christine for three hours and it felt wonderful to catch up.

now laying in bed but not quite sleepy. thinking of making a bucket list. then ill try to sleep n dream about ticking off all the adventures.

good weekend <3

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