Monday, October 1, 2012

i woke up with glitter in my bed.

friday was my last day of work! SO EXCITING. went to the going away dinner with a whiskey flask in my purse and em and i had a lovely send off that ended with photoshoots in the street followed by cheesecake in bed.

saturday was mellow and chilled out and i got a facial and went for lunch. we made sure to break out into random cheers of joy at various times throughout the day. freeeedom.

we got all dolled up in white and went to sensation. a rave meets cirque de soleil type of party thrown my heineken. its a tour of djs and performers that travel to different cities in the world. saturday was their first time in asia and their last show on this tour. it was beyond anything ive ever experienced. known as the ocean of white just seeing 8000 people dressed in white was stunning enough. when we walked inside my mind was blown. a giant center console for the djs to perform greeted us and from the sides shot two long walkways for the performers. girls walked in time to the beats blowing bubbles, ninjas fell from the ceilings with wings made of sparklers, canons shot sparkly paper that fell on us like snow. at one point during mr.whites set, all the white bracelets they had given us lit up simultaneously in time to the music. it was ahmaaazing. huge, glowing beach balls bounced around and fountains shot up from the stages. you could actually hear the water somehow over the roar of the people and the music. so so cool. we danced for hours and hours and hours and then turned down offers for after parties and strolled home at 630am. what a night.

yesterday we slept late, ordered pizza, went shopping, made appointments to get tattoos, went for dinner on a patio and then cleaned and puttered at home. ali and i debated between the Philippines and malaysia for chinese new year and em and i watched a romantic indie film that inevitably made me feel emo and write letters and scribbles and finish yet another asian inspired journal this year.

im excited for the new job but really looking forward to chilling out and getting organised over the next few days.

this life is but a dream

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