Wednesday, October 17, 2012

i work at the hogwarts of taiwan..

and outside the balcony is this..
 Angeline. She used to live in London and speaks English with an english accent. ahmaazing. and amazing.
 Andrew is sweet and quiet and thoughtful. on my first day he picked me flowers. i imagine he will grow up to write poems for girls and fall in love all the time.
 Cashman. is so tiny and so so cute.
 my hair is messy from my nap..
 Finn and John. Whenever I ask John what he wants to eat for breakfast, he says 'you.'
 Nevaeh. too cute for her own good.
 Leo is the man
 Sleepy Andrew after snack

i love my job.

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  1. WOw so many special pics of these beautiful kids!! And just to think this is the beginning of your relationship with them! These pics have made me feel excited to have a classroom of my own and have given me that extra little bit of motivation I needed to finish my application.
    Love light and laughter x