Saturday, December 3, 2011

i call them my bees

some words i put on paper while tossing and turning yestereve..

i call them my bees.
how i revel in their resiliencies
and marvel in their delights.
their bursts of laughter
threaten to burst this heart of mine everytime.

they find my painted nails ugly
and me at my prettiest 
barefoot with gold hair down so they can touch and see.

i find myself choking when they cry because they look 
so pure 
and innocent
and sad.

how could anyone deny these little marvels time to play?

kevin told me he has no toys at home.
jays mother told him he's not smart.
joyce's father hit her.

these are the darks to their light.

so, dear universe, 
this is my christmas wish:

grant me strength, and more patience than you think i could use up.
let 2B and me be a safe n happy refuge

let me show them compassion, 
and laughter 
with english.

may they stay young and innocent and easily happy for as very long as possible

i started writing because my mind kept going back to how happy my littlest kids [the B's] made me yesterday as soon as i saw them, to spite the dark way my day had started. they always spot me coming down the hall and start yelling to alert eachother 'ashley, ashley, teacha ashleyyyy' and then they proceed to hide and try to scare me. everytime. and then they alllllllll start talking to me at once. about four of them surround me and start telling me stories at once and the others holler from around the room. its incredibly endearing and loud.

here they are:

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