Thursday, December 15, 2011

oh thursday, im happy to see you

sleeping in after waking up early all week is so lovely.
finished 29 report cards that are due tomorrow and so happy to be done. work and then dinner tonight with em and wade at a new indian restaurant in town. should be delicious and hilarious.

also, got to work on tuesday to find a huge package from the wonderful fisherssssssssssss
so exciting. it is officially the biggest present under our charlie brown christmas tree.

this weekend is full of christmas festivities. a party at a friends tomorrow eve, em and i are bringing a cheese plate and im wearing red lipstick. im far too excited to listen to christmas music. could go for some egg nog and rum though hmm...
saturday is our work christmas party. all us girls are going for a hair wash and head massage [for $6] and getting ready together. im excited to spin around in a dress and heels and drink free wine and food. fantastic. hard work does pay off.

happy happy holidays

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