Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kenting Photos

finally posting photos from a weekend away about a month ago in Kenting. 12km coastline hike up a mountain and into the jungle and then back down. sorry these photos are in the most ridiculous order. it will force you to use your imagination. the first bunch are of the resort we stayed at. so ridiculously cheap and sweet. we dropped our bags off and walked down to the beach the first afternoon and swam in the Taiwan Strait (or East China Sea) depending whose side youre on. it was magnificient. Then we came back and changed and attended the biggest craziest taiwan bbq in the land. people just want you to eat. they dont care if youre hungry. just keep eating and drinking and cheersing them. kelly, emily, and i ate so much that we were asleep by 830pm. literally. woke up at 7am to drive out to the hike. it was about an hour drive driving in swirls around a mountain with kelly, em, myself, a little boy, and 4 grown asian men who blasted slow jams the entire time. very peculiar. the photo with all the cars parked on the rocky beach is where we started. its the most southern tip of taiwan. from there we walked east along the pacific ocean collecting rocks, there were so many lovely ones to choose from! after quite a while we reached a spot where we needed to go up. its too dangerous and steep and rocky to climb up on your own so you have to use a rope to hoist yourself up. it was amazing. we stagger going up but theres still only a few feet between all of us and so some parts are quite uneven and awkward and some people were pretty scared which would cause the whole line to have to stall. so youre holding yourself in some crazy position, clutching this rope for dearlife and when you look behind you and down, its a line of people and then the pacific ocean for as far as you can see. it was crazy unbelievable. it didnt scare me at all, i was actually relishing in the thrill of it. i could have stayed perched up there all day. 
once you get up to the top its jungle and beyond the lush, green, leaves you realise you are high above the coast of the ocean. we kept hiking through a big meadow and then up a really steep narrow hill until we got to the highest point. and from there you can basically see the coast of taiwan go on and on and on. an absolutely amazing weekend away. oh, and the cost for the two hour drive there (five of us took a taxi ha), then back, the resort, all the food both days, the beer and wine, and the cost to get into the national park was $60.

trying to resolve in my mind that canada is on the other side of this water...

abandoned building in the jungle. so cool so cool.

jungle homes

Justin and Flora. Lovely newlyweds that we work with. Flora is my secretary and Justin is an amazing teacher. Very cool people.

those people in the field were hiking with us. so once you climb that rope up to the top you hike through some jungle and then across this field and up another steep hill to the top where you can see the coastline.

kelly snapping a photo of us taking it all in

view from the top. hello taiwan
the side of the mountain that we climbed. too steep to do on your own, so you have to hold on to this rope and hoist yourself up. and then of course back down at the end, which is even more interesting.

i see hearts everywhere

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