Saturday, December 3, 2011

yesterday's blues

with all the exploration, growth, and elation that adventure and travel bring,
one thing always remains the same; that home is far away.
today i feel the weight of this distance more than usual..and it is heavy.
its hard to know exactly what sparked it..
i woke up well rested and happy and went on a good run with emily and all was well until i went to leave and my scooter wouldnt start. i tried kick starting it and then it just died completely. SO frustrating. i had my purse and a duffel bag with my yoga stuff and ended up having to double with Emily and her purse and duffel bag, which wasn't the most comfortable thing ive ever done but at least we could chat on the way to school.
got to school and felt immediately overwhelmed for some reason. Perhaps it was my impending formal (observation of all observations). Or the date..December 1st.
Its officially the holiday season right?
But there’s no snow and no tree and it doesn’t feel quite right.
I wore pants today as a sort of protest.

ps.theres officially nothing quite like getting woken by a text from your little sister informing you of the oh so amazing care package her and your mom are putting together for you. thank goodness for familylove. <3

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