Sunday, October 9, 2011

jungle mania

On wednesday morning we went to the jungle and hiked Monkey mountain, which we can see from our apartment. It is a beautiful, easy hike up a boardwalk through the jungle. Once you reach the summit there is a tea house which serves as much delicious herbal tea as you wish while you look out at the lush greenery and beyond can see glimpses of ocean. Oh, and in case climbing the mountain wasn't enough exercise for you there is an outdoor type of gym beside the tea house. They really do think of everything.

Enough talking, let me show you what I saw.

Our friends Jenner and Justin carried water up the mountain to donate to the teahouse. <3
On our way down from the top Justin took us off roading through strange and dark and light and wondrous caves.
The temple you see at the beginning and the end is at the base and where we parked our scooters.

Please note the adorable baby monkey yawning. The cutest.

Great way to spend a wednesday morning before work.

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