Thursday, October 13, 2011

the simple pleasures

a couple of things to report about today:

1) two of my kids were caught meditating after finishing their work and before break. perfect.

2) Emily and I just got home from dinner with Wade, our friend we met at starbucks. He is completely hilarious and endearing. He told me I have a very kind heart because I don't eat meat. That I am mysterious because I don't have facebook. That my eyes twinkle when I talk about my friends in Canada. And that he thinks I value spirit over material things.

Then on the way home he asked if we liked KTV (kareoke) and we almost convinced him to burst out into a lady gaga rendition. He got nervous and ended up bailing but promised us he would do the moonwalk for us sometime. (he was wearing inappropriate footwear this evening)


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