Thursday, October 13, 2011

a thousand intertwined thoughts

out of a lavender scented bubble bath and into bed and while i do feel more relaxed than before i was submerged under water my mind still swirls in a million different directions.

i am trying to remind myself that i have am only seven days in to my first full time job in my career field which happens to be across the world from home and so i am allowed to give myself some credit..
but it's hard.

i have been putting in twelve hours of work every day and every day without fail, at some point or another, i reach my stress limit.

upon realising this each time,  i feel troubled.

but alas,
once i am in my (MY!) classroom for even a few minutes and the kids are the only other voices i can hear, my heart does calm and flutters only in response to the strange and wonderful things that come out of their mouths.

thank goodness for them.

will write more later. for now i must dream sweetly.


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